College Street Student Residence

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The College Street Residence in downtown Toronto will serve the fast-growing University of Toronto student population with accommodation and amenities not typically associated with student life in a dormitory.

Architect: Diamond Schmitt Architects

Material: Kalzip

Brookfield Multiplex

Flynn Installation

The privately funded and operated model of student residence addresses both a need for improved and affordable living standards for students as well as removes the burden from post-secondary institutions of managing their operation.

The building design accommodates 24 to 36 students per floor where each level operates as a house. A don is present on each floor and is a mentor and resource for students. Private student rooms are organized into two- and four-bed apartments with living rooms and one shared washroom per two bedrooms. Dining services are provided on the fifth floor in two separate venues where a full-service kitchen supports preparation of food on site.

The building will accommodate approximately 900 residents. This population allows the delivery of a very high standard of residence, amenity and floor service while allowing a very economical rental rate. The building will accommodate a significant percentage of apartments available for staff who support the operations of the residence.

Returning to the site on May 17th, 2017 yields a dramatically changed view. In place of the three structures in the before photo, CampusOne’s podium references the height and materiality of the adjacent historic five-storey commercial building at 243 College Street. Since topping off at a height of 25 storeys in 2016, the installation of the student residence’s exterior envelope has been ongoing.

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