Dartmouth Sportsplex Revitalized with Kalzip

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The doors to the Dartmouth Sportsplex have been open to the community of Halifax for 30+ years.  However, the needs of the building from the community have changed, resulting in a need for the building to change as well. The inside and outside of facilities were outdated, and while it has served its purpose for many years, it was time for a facelift.


With time, the exterior of the facilities have worn down from the elements and desperately needed an update; especially the roof. That being said, Hampton Building Systems installed Kalzip’s high performance standing seam roofing to revitalize the exterior of the building and to keep the visitors safe and dry. The standing seam roof sheets are the definition of design and utility as each one is 90 feet long with no laps and no joints. The community of Halifax will be able to count on Kalzip’s seam roofing to protect their newly renovated Sportsplex for years to come.


As for the interior of the Dartmouth Sportsplex, Diamond Schmitt Architects are focusing on three principle issues; Activity, Transparency, and Connection. Solving these issues will enable the Sportsplex to facilitate new programs, services, and events that have been long demanded by the community.

To address the need to promote health and activity among youth, a new double gymnasium with seating for 250 people will be added. Additionally, new glazed fitness and weight training facilities will be created, both with encompassing views to the Harbour. Furthermore, a central cafe will provide an opportunity for refreshment between activity. Engaged with the core, new meeting and multipurpose rooms are grouped at the lower level. As for the aquatics area, a splash pad for kids, new water slides and a therapy pool will be added.

Critical to the renovation is the idea of inter-connectivity; where rooms and activities are visible to each other. Fitness rooms overlook the gymnasia and Community Rooms overlook the pool. In this manner, patrons engage in more activities and spaces within the facility, and ultimately make more connections within the community.

Upon its completion, the Dartmouth Sportsplex will be a revitalized social hub for new and long-time users. It’ll be the freely accessible and sustainable facility the community has been wanting and deserve.

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