Introducing Tecnoglass…

21/12/2017, by ETG, in Tecnoglass | Video, 0 comments


ETG Exterior Technologies Group is now proud to represent – Tecnoglass from Barranquilla, Columbia. The company is one of the largest glass manufacturing facilities in the Americas at now over 3 million sq ft and over 5000 employees. Tecnoglass trades on the Nasdaq under the ticker TGLS.

Now that they have successfully penetrated the US market along with South and Central America and 29 other countries around the world they want to enter the Canadian market and have chosen ETG to represent them.

They have some of the most sophisticated glass technology available in the world and offer distortion free glass; bent glass; jumbo glass (130″ x 236″); Low-E Glass is coated with there own ; Ceramic Frit Paints; Printed Glass and the list goes on. They also have a very unique Window Wall with a glass slab edge cover (as opposed to typical aluminum panel slab edge covers).

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