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Pilkington has been recognized as a world leader in glass manufacturing for over 150 years.

Constant innovation is backed by sophisticated research and development.

The Pilkington Planar System : The Pilkington Planar structural glass system is the original and still the leading structural glass system in the world. Invented by Pilkington over 35 years ago, Pilkington Planar systems provide a complete glass envelope for building structures, satisfying the most demanding and creative architectural requirements. Facades can be on any plane either vertical, horizontal or multi-angled. By combining Planar with the vertical range of products available from Pilkington, one of the world’s largest glass makers, superior system performance on both functional and aesthetic levels can be achieved.

Essential to the highest level of quality represented by Planar is the fact that Pilkington uses only its own float glass to make structural systems. The thorough knowledge of their own product assures needed tight controls on quality. Fabrication quality is further assured by the fact that Planar is fabricated in an ISO 9002 certified facility in St. Helens, U.K.


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