Steven Spielberg Cedars Sinai | Los Angeles, CA

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Kalzip highlights Steven Spielberg Building on Cedars Sinai Health System’s
Los Angeles campus

The Cedars Sinai Health System’s Los Angeles campus is a busy area with many different types of buildings. One of those, the Steven Spielberg Building, now features a
unique design element created with a blend of curved and straight Kalzip perforated material. This architecturally appealing feature also serves an important purpose.

The Steven Spielberg Building houses an ambulatory care center and research aboratories. When administrators decided to add additional laboratories within the building it involved a comprehensive remodel of the third floor. The project included a seismic retrofit because of the increased load capacity on the upper level. The retrofit involved placing a lateral restraint system outside the building using cross-braced, three-story towers adjacent to the building. One side faced an alley where appearance was not a concern. But the east side of the building faced the rest of the campus, including the nearby hospital and parking lot, so its appearance was most important.

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