Queen Richmond Centre West

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QRC West is a landmark development in Toronto’s Downtown West.

It is a model of urban intensification, featuring the modernization of a historic building, together with the construction of a new, proposed LEED Gold structure.

QRC West is a superb integration of old and new, office and retail, communal and commercial, traditional and progressive, inspirational and functional. It offers forward-thinking companies character space with impact.

QRC West offers premium office environments with the following features and benefits

Innovative & Smart Design

QRC West elegantly merges the past, present and future in a prominent urban setting. It features the adaptive reuse of an existing historic building and offers forward-looking companies character space with impact.

Better Work Environments

QRC West creates a healthy and sustainable work environment, promoting reduced absenteeism, increased employee productivity and improving employee attraction and retention. QRC West offers tenants the best of everything downtown.

Some reasons why QRC West is a better work environment include:

• Improved indoor air quality due to pressurized raised floor system
• Maximum employee comfort due to individual temperature and ventilation controls and re-locatable air diffusers
• Easy access to fresh air via operable windows throughout, without compromising the HVAC system
• Recessed perimeter heating throughout creates more useable space and full-height windows
• Abundant natural light throughout due to 10’-8” high floor-to-ceiling windows
• Reduced glare on workstations due to indirect lighting and interior automated light shelves which adjust to maximize natural light penetration

Reduced Occupancy Costs

QRC West is at the forefront of smart design and offers maximum flexibility for occupants. Smart design ensures that tenants benefit from up-front and on-going cost savings, while also achieving their corporate social responsibility objectives.

Some of the economic benefits realized by tenants include:

• Reduced tenant fit-up costs and infinite add-on potential with modular plug-and-play voice, data and power cabling systems
• Reduced operating costs due to “next-generation” building technology platform
• Reduced energy and resource costs due to lighting strategy and underfloor air distribution approach, cooling from the green roof installation and water-conserving fixtures
• Reduced taxes for corporate headquarters eligible for Toronto’s IMIT tax credit
• Dramatically reduced churn costs due to easy reconfiguration and customization potential of modular plug-and-play voice, data, power and cabling systems

project information

134 Peter St., Toronto
Office, Retail
Under Construction
Mid, 2015
236 ft

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