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YOUR VISION MADE REAL ALPOLIC® has taken the art of Aluminum and Metal Composite Materials to a level that is nothing short of visionary.
We’re innovators, not just manufacturers, and our application-driven process of developing more unique surfaces to help you make your personal vision a reality is what sets ALPOLIC® apart from all the others.

Our constant advances are always fully tested to assure the highest levels of product performance and reliability. ALPOLIC® Aluminum and Metal Composite Materials look better and last longer, yet present a competitive alternative to traditional metal or other building panels. Your brilliant vision deserves to be made real, and ALPOLIC® can help you make it so.

Matte Panels

The warmly muted colors in our Matte Series panels evoke the calming hues of the natural world. These clay red, limestone blue, river rock grey, slate black, olive green and cloud white finishes draw inspiration from the landscape to root your building in a native sense of place.

About Matte Aluminum Composite Materials

To create these low-gloss finishes (matte/6), we coil-coat ALPOLIC®/PE and ALPOLIC®/fr materials with Fluropon®PVDF resin using our advanced die coating process for the ultimate in smooth consistency. These tough, weather-resistant finishes are backed by a 20-year warranty.

Matte Panel Applications

Matte Series panels provide subdued, calming hues to complement the brilliant colors and glosses ALPOLIC® materials are famous for. Use these finishes to bring clean, calm allure to architectural elements from curtain wall façades to rainscreen systems, interior walls, decorative features and more.

Get Alpolic specifications, details, and drawings right here.

Graffiti Resistance - Seamless graffiti removal by Alpolic.

Every year American cities spend an estimated 12 billion dollars on graffiti removal. Many times with non-environmentally friendly, time-consuming, ineffective methods. Cities are passing regulations that dictate how quickly graffiti needs to be removed, citing rapid removal as an effective prevention tool.

Graffiti resistance removal Alpolic

ALPOLIC® and Valspar® have aligned with GRS — Graffiti Removal Services® — to offer a non-toxic, water-soluble, biodegradable cleaning system that is highly effective and “brush-on/wipe-off” easy to use. It’s tested to ASTM standards and works equally on all new and existing ALPOLIC Valspar ACM projects.

Any building old or new that boasts ALPOLIC ACM with a Valspar FEVE, PVDF or polyester finish is already graffiti-resistant at absolutely no extra cost, with no extra coatings, for safe, fast and accurate graffiti removal.



Get impressive graffiti resistance with no added costs for specialty coatings such as sacrificial clear or third coats. You can trust ALPOLIC for a more cost-effective way to protect your building against graffiti. Any building old or new that boasts ALPOLIC ACM with a Valspar FEVE, PVDF or polyester finish is already graffiti-resistant at absolutely no extra cost, with no extra coatings.


ALPOLIC has aligned with Valspar and Graffiti Removal Services (GRS), a leading expert in the field of graffiti removal to provide speedy, safe, and accurate results. GRS has been successfully eliminating graffiti for more than 15 years, and their expert team will work with everyone in the value chain to quickly outline approved products, techniques and procedures to remove graffiti from all building surfaces.


ALPOLIC graffiti resistance is built right into our products, with no expensive add-ons required. Rather than spending money on replacing material, simply remove the graffiti and bring the surface back to its original state.

Why pay more? Learn about resistance and graffiti removal for new and existing ALPOLIC® Valspar® finishes. Request a sample here.

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