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Further to our discussion regarding metal panel wall systems that incorporates the use of ALPOLIC MATERIALS complete product line of composite metals, our firm would like to present a complete technical presentation that is titled Design & Specification of ACM/MCM in Today’s Architecture.

The session is 45 minutes in length with a 15 minute time space for questions and answers.


• Understanding Metal Composite Materials • Manufacture of Metal Composites
• Paint Systems and surface finishes
• Construction Wall System Details
• Fabrication of Metal Panel Systems • Installation of Metal Panel Systems

Mitsubishi is the global leader in product development and manufacture of metal composite materials suitable for exterior and interior construction. The presentation is AIA approved for continuing professional education credits; thus OAA CORE credits are available.

ALPOLIC is an Approved & Certified Aluminum Composite Material for use through-out North America. Its industry leading warranties, range of finishes, fire resistant core, and other qualities have made Alpolic one of the most specified ACM products available.

  • Available in everything from Solid Colours to Wood Grain & Stone Finishes and more.

  • Alpolic can be produced in Copper, Titanium,

  • Zinc, & Stainless Steel (brushed & mirror)

  • 20-Year Paint warranties are standard

  • ISO Certified


  • Recent Projects

  • ACM History

  • Modern Production

  • Panel Types & Designs

  • Available Material & Finishes

  • Typical Details & Assembly

  • Role of the Dealers & Installer

  • Key Specification Points

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