We're Bringing elZinc® to Canada / by Bradley Till

el Zinc Introduction

As a part of our initiative at Exterior Technologies Group to transform the architectural product representation business, we have added elZinc® to our portfolio of products.

elZinc® is a premium material offered in a wide range of roofing and cladding products and finishes in more than 40 countries making it one of the most versatile and widely used products for projects of all kinds.

Product Types

Facade Cladding

  • Flat lock shingles

  • Standing seam

  • elZinc® shingles

Rainwater Systems

  • Parapat and internal gutters

  • Eaves gutters; and

Roofing Systems

  • elZinc® tiles

  • Double lock standing seam

Product Finishes

Not only is elZinc® made to provide the best functionality for the projects it’s used in, but it also comes in a variety of finishes that are aesthetically purposeful and that add character to the structure.

Aesthetic Finishes

  • elZinc Rainbow® - Gold, green, red, brown, blue, or black.

  • elZinc® Natural

  • elZinc Slate®

  • elZinc Graphite®

  • elZinc Crystal®

  • elZinc Oliva®

  • elZinc Lava®

Technical Finishes

  • elZinc Advance®

  • elZinc Protect+ ®

  • elZinc® for ornamentation and drawing

el zinc project finishes

Our team believes in providing the best products, knowledge, and service for our clients and we hold elZinc® and all of our products to the same standard. We strongly believe elZinc® is a material that, in terms of the product and service, has the highest levels of quality and durability, exceeding those of other substitutes.

elZinc® is a product that we are confident our customers and partners will love as a consequence of its aesthetic, constructive, and future maintenance benefits. To learn more about this great product you can visit the elZinc® product page or contact us at anytime!

elZinc® Projects