elZinc® Rainbow - It Doesn’t Have to Be Grey / by Bradley Till


Imagine a scenario where you’ve found the cladding material for your next big project that checks all of the boxes, but it still isn’t PERFECT.

You’ve envisioned this beautiful project, and you’re trying to determine the right material to complete the modern contemporary façade that is guaranteed to wow every visitor. Every specification of this material you’ve found match perfectly to what you’re looking for, plus it’s easy to handle, durable, and versatile.

However, it’s still not the right material for the job because it doesn’t make your vision truly come to life. This amazing cladding only comes in grey, natural finishes and now it’s back to the drawing board.

What if we told you, cladding doesn’t all have to be grey. And in fact, we have the perfect product in our portfolio that would meet all of the same requirements, except it comes in 12 different standard finishes and can be customized to a specific finish upon request.

elZinc® is the perfect cladding material for any job due to it’s versatility, construction, utility, ease of installation, and of course it’s variety of finishes. elZinc® comes in 12 different standard finishes- 6 being a part of their elZinc® Alkimi line, and 6 being from their elZinc® Rainbow line. However, the Rainbow line is what we at ETG think makes elZinc® so unique.

elZinc® Rainbow

elZinc® Rainbow is suitable for all types of architecture. Utility aside, the subtle, and versatile shades of the Zinc cladding opens up a world of opportunities for architects and designers alike. elZinc® Rainbow comes in 6 different standard finishes:

  • elZinc Rainbow® Gold

  • elZinc Rainbow® Green

  • elZinc Rainbow® Red

  • elZinc Rainbow® Brown

  • elZinc Rainbow® Blue; and

  • elZinc Rainbow® Black.

In addition to the standard 6 shades offered in the elZinc Rainbow® line, you can also request the creation of custom finishes if the above don’t satisfy your requirements.

Main Features

elZinc Rainbow® is available in a range of natural, warm and attractive graded colours in red, blue, green, black, gold and brown.

It is rolled titanium zinc which complies with the European standard UNE-EN 988. elZinc Rainbow® is achieved by applying mineral pigments to pre-treated zinc. The 35µm organic coating is a very attractive and durable finish that provides additional protection against corrosion.

The shimmering, iridescent effects of elZinc Rainbow® combine modernity and tradition, to be enjoyed by all. Like all elZinc® products, the elZinc Rainbow® range ensures high quality, lasting results.

Featured Projects

Rainbow Gold

Vannes Casino, France completed in 2017.
Standing seam façade.

Rainbow Red

Single family home in Australia completed in 2015.
Façade panel cladding.

Rainbow Black

Residence in Victoria, Australia completed in 2017.
Angle standing seam façade

Rainbow Blue

Commerical building in South Korea completed in 2018.
Standing seam roofing.

Rainbow Green

Residence in Cape Town, South Africa completed in 2017.
Façade panel cladding.

Rainbow Brown

SharkNINJA headquarters in USA completed in 2017.
Façade panel cladding.


Sheet size: 1000 x 2000mm
Sheet thickness: 0.70 to 0.80mm
Standard coil width: 500, 600, 650, 670, 1000mm
Standard coil width: 0.70 to 0.80mm
Standard inner diameters: Coils < 250kg: 300mm, Coils > or = 250kg: 508mm

Other dimensions and thickness are available upon request.

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