SAIT Trades and Technology Complex - Kalzip / by Bradley Till

Project Summary

Building Type: Institutional
Customer: SAIT Polytechnic
Product: Kalzip Standing Seam Roofing
Size: 750,000 Sq.ft

Location: Calgary, Alberta
Completion: August 2012
Architect: Gibbs Gage Architects
Contractor: PCL Construction

The SAIT Trades & Technology Complex is a LEED-accredited facility comprising three new buildings and adding 750,000 Sq.ft of additional instructional area to the campus. As part of campus revitalization, there is also an extensive underground services-and-site-works component.

The design of the buildings emphasizes an innovative, flexible, and integrated approach to trades and technical training, intended to reflect real workplaces. Construction started in January 2010, and all phases and site work was completed in August 2012.

With an increase of over 750,000 Sq.ft in formal and informal learning space, SAIT TTC grew by 56 new classrooms, 94 new teaching laboratories/workshops and 3 new schools of learning (Construction, Energy, Manufacturing & Automation). With these incredible new additions, the new SAIT Polytechnic Trades & Technology Complex design warrants a new experience for all future students.

Providing new learning space for approximately 8,100 students, special features of the expansion/renovation include classrooms, labs, diverse workshops, administration offices, food services and limited underground services.

Kalzip Roofing

The unique flexibility of the standard Kalzip roof system used at SAIT TTC, with a variety of profile widths, makes it possible to combine the demands set out for form and function with technical perfection. Shown by the unique design of the wavelike roofing finished in Kalzip Standing Seam Aluminum, the spectrum of convex, concave or elliptical and hyperbolic rounded forms creates endless opportunities for creative architecture. 

The 22,000 Sq.ft of Kalzip Standing Seam Aluminum used at SAIT TTC, like all other Kalzip roof structures, is generally suitable for all roof pitches from 1.5 °. The respective roofing system was chosen for its design versatility without compromising the structural requirements to withstand the toughest of Alberta weather.

During installation, stress on the Kalzip roofing systems caused by snow, wind, humidity, and temperature fluctuations of the Alberta weather were taken into account to meet all thermal insulation requirements.


  • Project of the year - Community Advancement - Project Management Institute Southern Alberta Chapter

  • Institutional Design (over $50 million) winner - Alberta Construction Magazine's Top Projects Awards

  • Project of the Year - Alberta Construction Magazine's Top Projects Awards

  • Project Design winner - Alberta Construction Magazine's Top Projects Awards

  • Project of the year - Engineering and Construction - Project Management Institute Southern Alberta Chapter