Best Roof in Canada - TTC York University Station / by Bradley Till

Photo: Metal Construction News

Photo: Metal Construction News

Kalzip and Radius Track raise the bar on roofing in Canada.

The station is located at the east end of the York University Common, where nearly 2,000 buses a day currently serve transit riders. Construction began on the station in 2011, which opened on December 17, 2017.

The TTC York University station roof, made possible with Kazlip and Radius Track, was awarded the new metal roofing category winner for the Metal Construction News Building and Roofing Awards. It was also give the 2017 CanBIM GC Award, making it one of the best roofing projects in Canada. It was selected for its dynamic form, creative use of materials, and its smart and simplistic design that is equally beautiful and complex.

Check out this incredible 1-minute time-lapse, created by York University, of the project coming to life.

1 minute time-lapse of the construction of the York University subway station, connecting York University more seamlessly to the GTA.

Roofing Design

The award-winning station’s boomerang exterior forms two wings, with entrances into both, sheltered beneath expansive aerofoil roof canopies finished in highly polished metal, which creates a mirror-like effect. The standing seam metal roof from Kalzip Ltd. flows from one tip of the building to the other in compound curves. This metal roof is a key element to the structure, and is considered a cool roof as it has a high solar reflectance and absorbs little heat.

Roofing Function

Radius Track Corp. supplied the light-gauge metal framing sub-system to deliver the geometry of the design and the durability to withstand the tough and frequently changing Canadian climate. In addition, Radius Track provided 3-D model verification and coordination alongside Kalzip to provide an 1/8-inch tolerance, precise-fit sub-system to the finished metal skin. Delivery of the materials were also coordinated to enable a continuous installation by roofing contractors, Bothwell Accurate Co. Inc.

To achieve a lifetime assembly, the inverted roof system was constructed with Radius Track’s Curved-Right sub-system to support the Kalzip standing seam panels. The Curved-Right sub-system adds space between the membrane and the metal exterior of the roof, which prevents thermal bridging and provides lifetime support for the metal panels. For the sub-system, Radius Track supplied 4,323 feet of its Curved-Right framing all in G120 galvanized steel. Kalzip supplied 12,271 sq. ft. of its 65/333 standing seam, anodized aluminum panels with anodized aluminum cladding to the ring beam.

Ultimately, this project was executed perfectly from start to finish. The design and functionality for this project was thought out to every end, and Radius Track and Kalzip rose to the occasion to make York University Subway Station one of the best roofing projects in Canada.

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