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Knotwood is the proud market leaders in manufacturing wood-look aluminum with the most advanced woodgrain finishing machine in the world. With the help of Knotwood you can have the beauty and warmth of wood without the time-consuming maintenance and expense. The process is called sublimation and has been tested for durability throughout the world.

Incorporating the strength of manufacturing, customer support and distribution with innovative product and manufacturing techniques, Knotwood is a solution ETG is proud to offer..

Knotwood Cladding

Non-combustible, strong and with a finish designed to last a lifetime; Knotwood cladding is ideal for fire-zones and seaside homes. The durable finish also makes it the cladding material of choice for commercial projects when you need the winning combination of strength, practicality and eye-catching good-looks.

Knotwood’s cladding system has been engineered to be versatile in its uses, without losing its timeless traditional appeal. It has superior resistance to weathering than wood and boasts minimal maintenance.

Cladding Specifications

Knotwood’s cladding system is made up of a few simple components to ensure full compliance with building standards. The cladding system is based on a tongue and groove system including extra components to easily maneuver around windows, corners and joints. All cladding extrusions come in 18 foot 6 inch lengths to ensure easy coverage of large areas.

Contact us to learn more about the installation process. It’s so easy, Knotwood claims anyone can do it.

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Cladding Components

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Knotwood Cladding Specs ETG.jpg
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  • Shortest lead time in the industry.

  • Completed line of trims, windows trims, end trims, and starters trims in matching colour.

  • Most competitive pricing.

  • Greater wind load tolerances.

  • Faster installation.

  • Impact resistant. Maintenance free, care free.

  • Stronger, thicker material makeup than competitive systems.

  • Largest stock colour inventory in the industry.

  • The easiest system to install in the marketplace.

  • Extremely flexible. Bottom to Top / Top to Bottom installation sequence.

  • The best flexibility when it comes to installation challenges such as out of plumb, out of square walls.

  • A full complement of corner window and door trims.

  • Adjustable Joint Reveal from Tight V-Line Groove to ¼“ Reveal.

  • Interlocking flexible assembly.

  • Best warranty in the industry.

We don’t pretend to be boards or planks. We’re aluminium, we’re Knotwood.

Knotwood Battens Systems

Knotwood’s Clip-Batten system is as revolutionary as it is eye-catching. The built in bracket forms part of the batten, hiding all the fixings and eliminating the need for visible brackets or angle fixings. Knotwood aluminum battens also come in a variety of shapes and sizes allowing the designer to conceive their own sequence using the available elements. Extremely useful in a commercial cladding application or for use as architectural features and trellis, this system will take your project to the next level.

Knotwood’s Batten system’s design have superior flexibility. You can create anything from a bold architectural statement, stylish sun shields, or privacy screens. The following installation guide is for reference only.

  1. Attach KEB5050M to wall.

  2. Clip KEB15050F onto the KEB5050M.

  3. Repeat until complete

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Battens Components

Knotwood Battens Specs 1 ETG.jpg
Knotwood Battens Specs 2 ETG.jpg

Other Knotwood Systems


Unlike timber screens, Knotwood’s aluminum screens won’t rot, warp or require constant painting and maintenance, making it a long term and very cost effective solution.

Knotwood Fencing ETG.jpg


Knotwood’s aluminum fencing ensures that all your needs and wants are filled. It’s a simple, stylish and cost-effective solution that promises to look better for longer.

Knotwood Enclosures ETG.jpg


Knotwood equipment and trash enclosures are available in a large range of natural woodgrain colours or a range of custom solid powder coat colours.

Knotwood Soffits ETG.jpg


Knotwood’s soffit system offers superior appearance and performance by combining the strength and durability of aluminum with the natural appeal of wood.

Knotwood Awning ETG.jpg

Awnings & Pergolas

Whether it’s an outdoor covered room, patio or pergola, Knotwood’s Awning/Pergola system is capable of spanning large areas, requiring minimal posts and fasteners.

Knotwood Gates ETG.jpg


Knotwood’s gate system was specifically designed with reinforced hard-wearing components that simply clip together and remain true and stable over time.

Knotwood Railings ETG.jpg


Knotwood’s Balustrade/Railing system is an eye-catching and safe alternative to traditional balustrade. These engineered aluminum sections really shine through to provide comfort, safety and luxurious looks.

Knotwood Decking ETG.jpg


Knotwood’s traditional wood-look and wide range of timber colours, make it easy to find the perfect deck colour. It’s lightweight, easy to install, durable, non-slip, and impermeable to insect influxes.

Contact us to learn more about each of these versatile and functional Knotwood systems.

Get Knotwood specifications, details, and drawings right here.

Colours and Finishes

Solid Powdercoat Finishes

In addition to their well-known, wood-grain finishes Knotwood also provides their state-of-the-art aluminum boards in solid powdercoat finishes. With a selection of 70+ unique* solid finishes the options for for your next project are endless.

Woodgrain Finishes

Knotwood specializes in making building materials that appears to be natural wood, but are actually much more durable and versatile aluminum boards. They have 30+ unique* yet traditional finishes that can turn any project into a work of art.

*The following are the 22 stock finishes that can be delivered to you in 3-4 weeks.

*Please note that the colours shown above are a guide only and have been matched as closely as possible to Knotwood’s production standards under daylight conditions. We have no control over the resolution and screens that the colours are viewed on, some degree of colour variation may occur.

Contact us to learn more about the finishes or to request a sample.

Maintenance free, long life, sustainable, durable, and recyclable. Knotwood.



For use around swimming pools and wet areas it is important to use Knotwoods optional non-slip powder coating, or it is highly recommended that you add a third party anti-slip coating that can serve the same purpose.


Aluminium is not only lighter and stronger but it’s also straighter than real wood. Knotwood supplies lengths of up to 6.5m ensuring every extrusion is true to form. This means each board is perfectly-crafted, marine-grade material that is easier to install and won’t warp over time.

Colour Stability

Knotwood looks better for longer. To ensure your colour choice stands the test of time, Knotwoods advanced paint technology and sublimation process provides a durable, baked-on paint finish that resists peeling, chipping and cracking.


Choosing a material with sustainability in mind is becoming more paramount and aluminium boasts one of the highest recycling rates of any metal. Knotwood is 100% recyclable, uses VOC free coatings and lead free finishes resulting in a smaller environmental footprint for us and for you.


Fire resistance and resilience are important no matter where we live. This is where Knotwoods benefits truly surpass the use wood. Knotwood is a non combustible product that has been manufactured to meet relevant international fire standards.


Knotwood is made from high-quality, marine-grade Aluminium. Aluminium reacts with the oxygen in the air to form an extremely thin layer of oxide which provides excellent corrosion protection and is self-repairing if damaged.

Light Weight

Aluminum has a density one-third that of steel and a weight 50% less than wood when compared equally. The low density of aluminium does not compromise its strength. A lightweight material lowers transport costs and improves installation and handling while maintaining structural integrity.

Stain & Scratch-resistant

A topcoat of specially developed, exterior grade paint is baked on to provide resistance to chipping, flaking and blistering to ensure the finish retains its look for longer. Knotwoods finish is the industry’s leading material in hard wearing wood-like products.


Aluminium is impervious to insects, no need to worry about termites or ants affecting the beautiful Knotwood finish. In contrast to wood, Knotwood aluminium doesn’t require additional chemical treatments to protect them from pests.

Dissipates Heat

Knotwood is perfect for the outdoors. Aluminium is great in direct sunlight as it remains cooler than most other materials. It naturally absorbs heat slowly but releases it quickly. Whether it be a deck, handrail, or any other application, in the heat of the day Knotwood aluminium remains cool.


Unlike wood, Knotwood is non-porous and will not swell, grow mould or mildew when exposed to wet conditions. As it doesn’t retain water, it’s easy to maintain as it doesn’t require regular sealing like it’s wood counter-parts.

Freeze & Frost-resistant

Unlike most steel grades, aluminium does not become brittle at low temperatures. Instead, its strength increases. And as it doesn’t absorb water or moisture, Knotwood won’t warp and expand when exposed to extremely cold conditions.

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