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For the last 20 years, Tecnoglass has been producing high quality glass and exporting to most American countries from a state-of-the-art factory in Colombia.

Their record-breaking technology, quality control and growth as an industry leader allow them to supply glass for every use including: tempered, laminated and insulating glass, screen-printing and bulletproof glazing.

In 2015, we introduced TecnoAIR, a record breaking technology on tempered glass that replaces the traditional rolls with air pressure, completely avoiding roll wave marks and iridescence.

They also brought to market TecnoBEND, Low-E tempering curved glass manufac- tured with the latest Glaston technology and a MSVD Coating Machine with PPG technology that can produce up to jumbo size sheets of Low-E glass.

Key Features

  • All specialty fabrications available
  • Established “on time” delivery system
  • In-house QC program including PPG “Skyline”
  • “Quench Mark Visual Enhanced” heat treated glass
  • Convection furnaces max size up to 130 in. x 236 in.
  • Autoclaves lamination max size up to 130 in. x 236 in.
  • Assigned project managers / customer service
  • Annual fabrication certi cation by PPG and Guardian
  • Latest and most advanced technology from Glaston
  • Coated Glass capabilities 130 in. x 236 in.


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